EMOJI WORLD VUMOO App on all operator system for the smartphone as iOS, Android & Bluestack – PC, collected by AppStoreSpotlight
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One of the most entertaining & challenging emoji worlds moves is a game of the year. See the world, worlds and jump to collect coins and buy a new emojis vumoo from the. There will be smileys πŸ˜€ sad faces πŸ™ tears of joy πŸ˜‚ and many more!

Emojis World vumoo doesn’t require just your knowledge to jump but also requires to do it fast, because the faster you do it the more points and coins you’ll earn and that will allow buying new emojis according to your mood.

Link download below:
For Android: Click here
For iOS: This App isn’t available now
For Emulator / Bluestack – PC: Click here

Emojis World is based on levels you Can pass all of our levels which can get hard as you pass through? Test all of emojis vumoo moods to see the difference between them and test your possibility to jump in one of the most challenging and funniest game

πŸ˜‰ Words to Emojis FEATURES:
βœ… Designed with high-quality images and graphic design
βœ… Easy to play find the emoji game anytime anywhere.. even while watching the emoji movie 2017
βœ… Start to play the emoji vumoo game on Android & soon on iPhone and Facebook.
βœ… Hints and Instant Solve, to help you to always make progress, any emoji x without getting stuck in any level
βœ… Over 100 Levels, with entertaining stages (level packs) such as Hollywood vumoo movies pack, Foods pack, Sports pack (loaded with levels on cricket, soccer, baseball, hockey and more!), English Music / Songs pack, Friendship, Love, History, Brain Teaser and a lot more!
βœ… Share / Brag your progress with friends and family
βœ… Earn free coins to buy emoji vumoo collection to completing game levels
βœ… No registration or signup required.. just start and have fun!

Become the world emoji vumoo master.
Start the emoji worlds vumoo today!
Get this great game for FREE!
Best game for all the Emoji Movie lovers!
Discover the deeper meaning of emojis!
Play the world famous emoji game today, with friends and family!
Challenging multiplayer mode!


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