The Kolotibablo app will offer you easy tasks which you can do online and get paid!

For example: help blind people read text on an image or collect some information on a given topic on the Internet.


About feedback: if you experiencing any troubles or have a suggestion, please tell us particularly in a review section. Thanks in advance!

This website is made to discover personal stories of some of the KolotiBablo.Com employees. We’d like to share the fact that these people find their job comfortable and suit their lifestyle. Ranging from part-time to full-time dedication, they find they’re self-satisfied or even happy with their income from Kolotibablo. You may find surprising that $50-250/month can be enough to pay bills, cover debts and buy food.

How we came up to an idea of this website? Well, we were very curious to learn how our users live, what hardware they use, what’s their typical daily food is! Not everybody is ready to submit their’s story to the public, this is why we don’t publish them all at once. Instead, every day this website will automatically release one new story, so come back for updates!


Yours, Anti-Captcha & KolotiBablo.Com administration


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