“My Voice”, another name: ChatAvenue, is a platform to bring out your voice to the world, tell your stories, grow your network and build your brand. You are the voice of change.

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Link download for Emulator like Bluestack 

You can make new friends in “My Voice” with people of similar interests. Share motivational or educational videos, inspirational content, quotes, shares, audio songs, GIFs and many more all from a single platform.

Link direct download from Google Play, you can’t search it on the Google platform.

My Voice is available in multiple Indian languages Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Marathi, Odia, English, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada and looks forward to getting other languages added.

My Voice is the most user-friendly, easy to use Social App for inspiration, connection, engagement, and personal growth.

Link download for iOS – Mac – iPhone

Features packed in My Voice:

1. Become a brand, tell your story in your voice.
1. Explore people from all over India with a simple but powerful profile search option. Follow and
make them friends with just a tap.
2. Ability to search people interested in different content types, making it easier to connect with
people who share the same interest as you.
3. Get the posts trending all our India on your My Voice dashboard.
4. Showcase your multilingual talent languages making it possible to reach more audience and
become the next Internet Celebrity.
5. Engage with contents shared by people you follow by like, comment, share their posts.
6. Save or Download the high-quality photos/video you are interested in.
7. Share your own or someone’s post on other social media with just a click.
8. Follow the posts you like, and watch how it’s getting popular.
And Many features in the roadmap…

Let’s build the most powerful community of inspiring people.

If you face any issue, please contact us at support@chatavenue.io.
Visit our official website for more details: https://www.chatavenue.io/


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